Artificial Intelligence as a Start into a new Digital World.

The bets among the IT experts are already running. When will machines be more intelligent than man himself? One thing is certain: Digital applications are becoming ever more complex and can do more and more. In the US, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already working on legal briefs. Doctors use AI for diagnoses and treatment plans. And no matter if the digital assistant is called Siri, Cortana or Alexa, these two letters are always behind it – AI.

Artificial Intelligence refers to self-learning machines or applications. They can independently solve problems and adapt their actions based on what they have learned. For example, the step towards the marketability of fully self-driving automobiles already seems to be within reach. But AI can do much more than drive a car as if by magic. For example, AI solutions help us recruiting new employees (Vervoe), detect cardiac valve defects via image diagnostics (Watson) and, incidentally, find new medicines through potential analyzes of medically active substances (AtomNet). Thus Artificial Intelligence improves our daily lives in many areas and takes more and more puzzles away from us.

But how can the limitless opportunities and possibilities be translated into concrete application cases? The answer is simple: you have to get involved in this new form of technology – but above all you should be able to handle it. That is why we support you as an internationally recognized implementation partner, who has built up extensive know-how through integration projects in the field of image, text and object recognition. Together with our solution partners, we implement competent and reliable AI projects or help to generate added value for your business by improving technologies already in use.

Scenarios of AI

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