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Clarifai is the leading deep-learning AI platform for computer vision, natural language processing, and automatic speech recognition, helping enterprises and government agencies gain insights from their unstructured image, video, text, and audio data.

Based on the latest in machine learning, the Clarifai platform has the most comprehensive repository of pre-trained AI models for searching, sorting and organizing unstructured data, helping organizations build turnkey AI solutions. These models can be used immediately or fine-tuned to recognize explicit content, faces, embedded objects, and text in images, as well as predict various attributes such as celebrities, food, textures, colors, and more. Portal is an intuitive, feature-rich user interface that enables the creation of AI for all skill levels quickly. Clarifai provides a free API for developers and data scientists to start building the world's AI.

Building blocks for a continuous AI lifecycle

Clarifai’s fully integrated AI platform enables a diverse portfolio of machine learning products and services across industries that work seamlessly together to create AI at scale.

Input Data

Process any amount of unstructured image, video, text, and audio data.

Scribe label

Label, train, and deploy your AI models with a single integrated tool.

Spacetime Search

Search for people, places, objects, and topics in your unstructured data.


Custom AI model training for machine learning. Set up models quickly and learn continuously from production data.

Armada Predict

AI prediction with machine learning for computer vision, natural language processing and audio recognition.


Machine Learning Workflows. Machine learning pipeline architecture for advanced ensemble modeling and business logic.

The symbiosis of Clarifai and Advellence

Our AI specialists work with you to identify the potential that AI holds for existing processes and applications and use this as the basis for designing the optimal deployment plan for the Clarifai AI platform. We support you both in implementing the technology and in learning how to use AI for your individual needs.

Optimized processes

Automation is the key factor for optimizing countless processes, workflows and applications.

Tailored for you

In some cases, standardized AI services are not enough - with suitable scenarios, we learn your AI individually for your needs.

Processing large amounts of data

We integrate AI services into your existing IT infrastructure and ensure that all your unstructured image, video, text and audio data is processed.