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Harness the full power of your systems and unleash the potential of your team.

Generate individualized documents from all your existing systems automatically. Offers, contracts, inspection or service reports, presentations, Excel charts and policies - flexible, powerful, intuitive with dox42.

dox42 is a comprehensive software product for document automation and data integration and enables you to automatically generate complex documents while integrating data, images, tables, dynamic charts, QR codes and text modules from different data sources such as SharePoint, databases, MS Dynamics 365 FO|AX, D365 BC|NAV, D365 CE|CRM, SAP, WebServices or Excel. With the dox42 Microsoft Office Add-Ins, business users can also quickly and flexibly design document templates in a uniform corporate design. The dox42 server can be seamlessly integrated as a software module into SharePoint, websites, applications, CRM or ERP systems and workflows.


Automate all document types. dox42 integrates directly with SharePoint, SAP, MS Dynamics 365 CE | CRM, BC | NAV, FO | AX, workflows and any other system. On-prem or as a cloud service.


Send your customers high-quality and intelligent documents with data, dynamic tables, charts, images, bar codes, text modules, conditions and calculations from all your data sources.


Design document templates and data sources easily in MS Office - without programming. This means that even business users can intuitively design templates themselves.

The symbiosis of dox42 and Advellence

We support you in connecting dox42 to all relevant data sources to automate your document creation. In doing so, we ensure that your existing processes and responsibilities are perfectly mapped by the automation with dox42 so that you get the maximum added value from this workflow optimization.

More efficient processes

Creating documents manually is very time-consuming and error-prone - automate this task and focus on the essentials.

Your Look & Feel

You can easily design the document templates in MS Office yourself and thus retain control over your corporate design.


No matter how the processes and data storage are currently organized - we simply integrate dox42 into your existing workflows and connect all relevant sources.


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