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Omnia is a unique intranet that brings innovative features and new capabilities to SharePoint and Office 365 for users, editors and administrators. It thus paves the way to a permanently used intranet with exceptional user-friendliness. An intranet based on Omnia creates significant added value for each individual user as well as for the entire company. Easy access to relevant information and personalized news, followed sites and access to frequently needed tools, increases the efficiency of each individual's daily work. Sophisticated communication features simplify team collaboration across geographic, linguistic and organizational boundaries. Omnia once again lands in 1st place in the Clearbox Report 2021 and receives the award in the category "Intranet Choice - Europe". The intranet-in-a-box solution based on SharePoint and Office 365 beat out a total of 55 other competing products. Omnia Intranet thus impressively underlines that it is an optimal solution as a digital workplace & collaboration platform.

A user experience that users are happy to accept

Omnia solutions are characterised by an intuitive and personalised user experience. The focus is on getting tasks done, with top-notch performance across all screens.

Communication - The information you need, when you need it!

Omnia has solid concepts for internal communication. Our product meets the requirements of both simple and sophisticated communication scenarios.

Collaboration - Easy collaboration via employee portal

Promote employee engagement thanks to simplified and streamlined team collaboration. Omnia will answer the ever-present question of when to use which tool.

Knowledge management - sharing is caring - as long as it happens in a structured way.

If your organisation knew what your organisation knew, you would certainly be more efficient. Use Omnia to implement structured knowledge sharing within your digital working environment.

Workplace integration - Integrated workplaces bring applications to the user.

To get tasks done quickly, you need immediate access to the right tools. With Omnia, you can provide users with a consistent experience across internal and external applications and services.

Administration - Business specifications enable your digital working environment to have a long-term perspective.

Omnia gives administrators robust management tools to set policies, manage content and applications, and control all key aspects of their digital work environment.

The symbiosis of Omnia and Advellence

With Omnia, we develop an intranet solution for you that is tailored to your working methods and your organization - for a modern and efficient digital workplace with numerous collaboration and communication options. This gives you and your teams flexibility, transparency and a central source for all important company information.

Unbeatable User Experience

No one uses an intranet that is complicated and unattractive to use - we'll make sure your team will love your new intranet!

Central source of information

With Omnia, your organization's collective knowledge, news, documentation, and other information becomes available to everyone.

Best communication and collaboration

Clear rules and processes for company-wide collaboration and integrated communication options that contribute to the working atmosphere.