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Professional process planning, intelligent workflow automation and well thought-out analyses are the basis for successful companies. This is made possible thanks to sophisticated process modeling with a complete overview of all processes, including process documents, risk assessment and the integration of existing IT systems. Thus, modeling, configuring and rolling out processes is easy. Business process models are easily converted into executable workflows and seamlessly connected to existing IT systems. This gives you deep insights into all your processes and KPIs. This means you are always up to date on the performance of your processes and can continuously optimize them.

FireStart is an all-in-one process automation system that accelerates digital transformation. Stop wasting resources, reduce overall costs, and empower your teams to do more work they love.

Make your processes scalable

By digitising your process ecosystem, you have more time to focus on the core tasks of your business. With Firestart's no/low code platform, anyone can start transforming manual processes into digital, automated workflows.

Optimised costs

Reduce business costs Be more productive with the same resources.

Resilient & Agile

Increase the resilience of your organisation Ensure business continuity for the future.

High productivity

Increase productivity Save time and resources without compromising on quality.

The symbiosis of FireStart and Advellence

We ensure the perfect integration of FireStart into your existing IT landscape and process organization to paint a realistic picture of your business processes. Business process models are transferred into cross-system workflows and you have the opportunity to continuously monitor and optimize the performance of your overall organization.

Intuitive handling

With FireStart's easy-to-use interface, you can also turn your manual processes into digital workflows yourself.

Increased productivity

Track down inefficiencies, optimize the use of your resources and reduce your costs.

More control

With the newfound transparency across your entire organization, you gain control over your processes and can optimize them sustainably.


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