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Being faster in the market than the competitor’s products. Increase sales through cross- and upselling. The right product, for the right customer, at the right moment. The 360 degree view of your customers, products, suppliers, locations and much more is the essential requirement for your digital business.

Riversand offers you a Data Management Platform of the future – already now. Gartner calls Riversand the only visionary solution in the marketplace. Learn more about the unique cloud platform that keeps your relevant information in purchasing, marketing, product management or e-commerce at your fingertips. Supported by a simple user experience and automated by Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in the right place.

Great Data enables...

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Master Data Management (MDM)

Master data is all non-transactional data within an enterprise – for example, customers, products, materials and locations. It serves as a foundation for businesses to build analytical capabilities and more effectively manage operations.

An MDM platform allows businesses to manage, govern and analyze all of their master data within a single platform. This helps them develop new insights about their business, have confidence in data quality, increase productivity and improve the customer experience.

Your Benefits at a Glance:

Product Information Management (PIM)

A Product Information Management system enables you to manage all of the information you need to sell and market your products within a single system thereby increasing business agility, process efficiency and content effectiveness.

Riversand provides businesses with a high-scale enterprise-grade solution that equips businesses to manage, govern and analyze their product information. By leveraging a best-in-class PIM solution, they are able to go beyond the basics of product information management – developing highly collaborative and efficient digital supply chains, reducing manual processes, moving products to market faster and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Your Benefits at a Glance:



Riversand MDM

MDM allows companies to manage, control and analyze their master data, all within a single platform. This helps companies to better analyze their business, to have confidence in the quality of the data, to improve productivity and to improve the customer experience.


Riversand PIM

Optimize your digital supply chain, increase business intelligence and deliver a consistent customer experience with Riversand’s PIM.

Riversand PIM - Evaluation by TGOA

Riversand is a global software company that helps companies turn their data into a true competitive advantage and growth driver. The Riversand PIM solution addresses the needs of a company’s digital transformation by improving operational excellence and supporting customers throughout the purchasing lifecycle.



Case Study: Liebherr

Liebherr uses PIM to create and manage product data using Riversand’s MDMCenter in over 200 production & distribution organizations.


Case Study: Beiersdorf

Beiersdorf, a global leader in the skin care industry, implemented Riversand’s PIM solution to improve data analysis, reduce marketing costs and shorten time-to-market.

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