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Microsoft opens two data centers in Switzerland!

The two data centers in the regions of Zurich and Geneva have started operations today. In addition to the possibility to store data geo-redundant, Microsoft offers local data storage – which significantly increases the data security & control for Swiss companies. From now on, Azure Services & Office 365 will be generally available from the new cloud regions in Switzerland. Dynamics 365 and Power Platform are expected to follow in 2020.

An investment in the business location Switzerland

Marianne Janik, CEO of Microsoft Switzerland, says: «The Microsoft Cloud data centers are an investment in Switzerland and for Switzerland. In discussions with our customers, it has become clear that local data management is extremely important. We are very proud that we are now able to guarantee that.»

For Marianne Janik states: «The cloud has established itself worldwide as an innovation platform. Now we are also at a turning point in Switzerland. The companies have dealt intensively with the cloud. Today it is no longer the question if, but more when and how to go to the cloud. Microsoft Switzerland has been anchored in the Swiss economy and society for 30 years. Together with our 4,600 partners in all language regions, we are definitely ready to think and implement new ideas together with large companies, SMEs and start-ups from all sectors as well as public-sector organizations.»

Data security, data sovereignty and business continuity in the center

The demand for the Swiss Microsoft cloud is huge – from corporations, large corporations, SMEs and start-ups from all sectors as well as from public sector organizations. The ability to save data in the Swiss cloud helps companies and organizations comply with legal requirements. In particular, regulated industries (e.g., finance & insurance) benefit from national geo-redundancy, as it ensures operational continuity in the case of a disaster.

Marc Holitscher (National Technology Officer, Microsoft Switzerland): «We not only see the opportunities of the cloud, we also want to take responsibility. Trust is a central Swiss value and trust is deeply rooted in the way we protect, operate and evolve our platform.» For example, Microsoft does not provide business customer data for marketing or advertising. Marc Holitscher emphasizes: «The data belongs to our customers and we process them according to the specifications of our customers. We also work closely with regulators – in Switzerland and around the world – to address the legal requirements of different industries.”

Advellence is a proven Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and thus a direct distribution partner of the Microsoft Cloud «Azure» as well as a certified Microsoft Gold Partner. Therefore, we are pleased to offer our Swiss customers the opportunity to operate their applications in Switzerland as well as to store their data locally and geo-redundant.

Contact us – we’ll be happy to show you how your business can benefit by migrating to the Microsoft Cloud.